Greg Egan

Greg Egan

Karen Burnham

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780252038419

Publisher: University of Illinois Press


Greg Egan (1961– ) publishes works that challenge readers with rigorous, deeply informed scientific speculation. He unapologetically delves into mathematics, physics, and other disciplines in his prose, putting him in the vanguard of the hard science fiction renaissance of the 1990s. The book provides an in-depth study of Egan's science-heavy oeuvre. Its survey of Egan's career covers novels like Permutation City and Schild's Ladder, and the Hugo Award-winning novella Oceanic, analyzing how Egan used cutting-edge scientific theory to explore ethical questions and the nature of humanity. As the book shows, Egan's collected works constitute a bold artistic statement: that narratives of science are equal to those of poetry and drama, and that science holds a place in the human condition as exalted as religion or art. The book includes a rare interview with the famously press-shy Egan covering his works, themes, intellectual interests, and thought processes.